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• Urban existence in the area of Kuwait dates back over four thousand years.
• Failaka Island is a docking station for commercial ships.
• Al-Sabah family accessed the rule in 1716, pursuant to the documents of the British archive.
• Signing an agreement with American and British companies for oil exploration in 1934.
• Actual independence of Kuwait in 19th June 1961 after the cancellation of 1899 treaty.

• Kuwait joined the membership of Arab league on 16th July 1961.
• First parliamentarian elections in the modern history of Kuwait on 23rd January 1962.
• Kuwait constitution adopted in 11 November 1962.
• Inauguration of first national assembly in the history of Kuwait on 29th January 1963.

For several decades, Kuwait was known for its welfare initiatives and belief in the fundamental principles of humanity in global countries without linking its aid to any basis of religion, race, language or geography. Since its foundation, Kuwait is known for its love in humanitarian work. The beginning was in the thirties, when Kuwait provided assistance to support the Palestinian cause in 1934 to alleviate the suffering of the Arab people in Palestine, to Egypt in 1956 during the tripartite aggression and providing assistance to brotherly Yemen. Moreover, the Government imposed a duty on cinema tickets in Egypt to support the Algerian people during the liberation war and sent these donations to Algeria through Egypt.

In the fifties, Kuwait set up the first development institution in the Middle East called the "South and Arab Gulf Commission," which sought to meet the needs of development - education and health - from the Gulf region to Sudan. Since i...



Biography of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah


Unanimously proclaimed as Amir of the State of Kuwait on January 29, 2006.
Prime Minister, as per Amiri Decree dated July 13, 2003.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, October 18, 1992.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, March 3, 1985


Minister of information, February 9, 1982 in addition to his posts as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For more than 60 years, His Highness, the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Al-Sabah, has been considered as one of the most prominent international figures whose name was associated in international forums under many titles, most notably, “The Man of Peace", "The Constitution Protector", "The Dean of Diplomats", "The Wise Leader", and "The Humanitarian Leader."
Since he took office the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ portfolio for more than half a century, the Kuwaiti diplomacy has been characterized by the spirit of wisdom, insight, impartiality and balance, through participating in solving many crises, whether regional or international, as His Highness has worked hard to find just solutions for many of problems and crises based on international cooperation and peace away from domination or control, therefore, His Highness, through his moderate stance at all levels, his positive contributions to the mediation, and h...

About Summit

Kuwait and the history of humanitarian work :-

Ever since its foundation, the State of Kuwait has been a distinguished example of humanitarian and charitable work. The government and people of Kuwait are innately fond of charitable work and have pioneered in this field even before the discovery of oil. For years, Kuwait’s donations came through its government and people alike. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Kuwait’s aid reached the Palestinian people. Later in 1956, Kuwait helped the victims of the trilateral aggression on Egypt. Kuwait also provided aid to Yemen and helped build hospitals, schools and universities in different countries around the world. Kuwait’s humanitarian dedication continued into the country’s independence era through its public and civil charitable institutions such as the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development which provides aid to the peoples of the Arab region, Africa and Asia. Another such institution is th...


The First International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria - Kuwait 2013 :-

Kuwait responded to the call by the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon by hosting the First International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria in January 2013 in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people who are bearing the brunt of this devastating war. The focus of this conference was to highlight the humanitarian side of the Syrian conflict  and its primary goal aimed at mobilizing as much humanitarian assistance as possible to the Syrian people inside and outside Syria. Countries participating in the conference collectively pledged 1.6 billion dollars in aid for the purpose of catering to the needs of the Syrian people until June 2013.

Kuwait’s contribution was estimated at 300 million dollars of the overall funds that were raised during that conference, and was delivered to a number of UN agencies. Kuwait is a staunch believer i...

The Humanitarian Situation in Syria :-

As a result of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, large numbers of Syrians have taken refuge in neighboring countries. All diplomatic efforts are currently focused on convening the Geneva II Conference which is slated to take place on January 22nd as announced by the UN.

In the meantime, the UN is monitoring the humanitarian crisis in Syria very closely as more than 2.3 million Syrians have fled their homes to take refuge in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and northern Iraq. The UN has reiterated its appeals to donor countries to honor their pledges of assistance to the Syrian refugees, warning that the UN will soon be incapable of providing any more humanitarian aid to those who need it the most.

While the war rages on in Syria, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled the country to neighboring countries in search of asylum. In 2013, the tide of refugees went up almost six-fold compared to the previous years.  Until the end of November 2013, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt were estimated at 2.2 million.

The UN has warned that the number of Syrian refugees could reach 4.1 million in 2014 compared with 2.3 million officially registered refugees presently. In 2013 alone, more than 1.5 million people fled the war-torn Syria.

According to Amnesty International estimates, 10 European countries have agreed to host Syrian refugees. The European Union has so far allocated 1.3 billion Euros in aid for Syrian refugees in neighboring countries and for the Syrians who are displaced inside Syria.
Germany has unveiled a future plan to host 9,000 refugees in addition to the numbers that are already in Germany. ...


Speech Of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Amir Of The State Of Kuwait

At the opening of the
2nd international humanitarian pledging conference for syria

State of Kuwait – 15 january 2014
In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

Praise be to Allah and His Prayers and Blessing be upon our Prophet Mohammad and His Family and Companions.

His Excellency the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr. BAN Ki-moon,
His Excellency the Secretary-General of the Arab League Dr. Nabil Alarabi,
His Excellency the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council,
Dr. Abdulatif Al Zayani,

Distinguished Guests,
Assalam Alaikum Warhmattu Allah Wabarktuhu

The Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria – Kuwait 2014 :-

Owing to the worldwide attention received by the First International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria, and true to Kuwait’s old tradition of international cooperation, his Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, has once again heeded Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s call by accepting to host the Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria in mid-January 2014.  As the conflict in Syria rages on, the requirements of the Syrian refugees are expected to increase in 2014 and beyond. With the participation of 60 countries, this second conference is projected to raise more than 4 billion dollars in aid for the Syrian people, and deliver much needed humanitarian relief to Syrian refugees and others whose lives have been shattered by this humanitarian tragedy.



The humanitarian situation in Syria

The Syrian crisis has entered its fifth year, as the brotherly Syrian people are suffering a worsening humanitarian crisis today. The situation has emerged as a disaster for number of deceased has exceeded 200 thousand people since the crisis’s outbreak. The growing number of victims and the number of missing and displaced persons internally and externally including violations of the most basic survival means have reached its limits. . The crisis exceeded the description of humanitarian disaster, and has become not merely a humanitarian crisis, but a development crisis as a result of the tremendous level of damage inflicted by the infrastructure in Syria. The Syrian conflict inflicted losses of $ 139.8 to Syria’s economy between 2011 and 2013. This crisis resulted in having 3.8 million Syrian refugees and displaced individuals in neighboring countries. More than one million child are in the path of living without educati...



KUWAIT – 31 MARCH 2015

In the Name of Allah – The Merciful, The Compassionate
Praise to be to Allah, and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad, His Family and His Companions

His Excellency, the Secretary-General of the United Nations,
Mr. BAN Ki-moon

His Excellency the Secretary- General of the League of Arab States,
 Dr. Nabil Al Arabi

His Excellency the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council,
Dr. Abdulatif Al Zayani

Distinguished Guests,

Assalm Alaikum Warrahmatu Allah Wabarakatuhu,

A word from the Minister of Information and Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah

umanitarian work and volunteering are part of the main characteristics of the Kuwaiti people, a quality inherent to their nature since the creation of the State of Kuwait more than three centuries ago. These features are not just the result of a moment or a position in time, but are rooted in the everyday life of the people of Kuwait and have been passed down from generation to generation. Kuwait„s humanitarian initiatives are not just a sentimental empathy for people in dire need; they aim at assisting all people without regard to religion, race, ethnicity or political belief.

The human dimension was set as part of the principle priority of Kuwait's rulers over the years. Kuwait‟s humanitarian action is consistent with the country‟s broad humanitarian vision, in terms of development, assistance and relief and is ...

Emiri Diwan Advisor Head of the Media Committee of the Higher Committee for conferences In the State of Kuwait Mohammed Abdullah Abu al- Hasan

The designation by the United Nations Organization of Kuwait as (Global Humanitarian Center) and the grant to His Highness Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, of the title of (Leader of Humanitarian Action) did not come from nowhere, but rather as the result of continuous work, and the Kuwaiti sincere and tireless efforts on the official and civil levels, along the march of Kuwait's history. In fact the people of Kuwait as leadership and citizens, provided help and aid without reminding of favor, or political goal, to their brothers in humanity and built lighthouses with chants of love and peace, and human honor in every place and time, with fingerprints of Kuwaiti humanitarian work that turn into bright lights of love and peace.

The march of the State of Kuwait in the humanita...


Media Center for the Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria :-

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